SLT Minutes

SLT Meeting Minutes, 9/29/2020

SLT Team Meeting 9/29/20 Meeting Minutes


Meeting began 2:20 PM

  1. Review of Agenda
  2. Principal’s Report:
  • Goal for SLT: Establish a functioning SLT team ○ work as a team, review bylaws, have elections

○ PTA is critical part of SLT

○ Discuss schedule moving forward regarding meeting dates

○ work on CEP: how can we utilize our budget?

  • Updates: ○ Last week we started in person with Pre-k

○ This week 130 students started in Cohort A (K-5)

○ Procedures and protocols were executed by BRT (Building Response Team)

  • Arrival and dismissal
  • Prepared to activate for potential COVID case
  • Grants/Funds: ○ Assemblyman Mike Miller granted our school $500,000. Can we put a laptop cart in each classroom? Can we put a promethium board in every classroom? Students will have 1:1 device with this assistance. These grants take a long time and can potentially take up to two years. Money has to become available to our school first.

○ Eric Ulrich donated $250,000 to the school. It has been granted to set up cameras. Andrew, our custodian is working to help get our cameras set up with the Office of Facilities. Again, these grants sometimes take time. Hopefully, we will be able to utilize these cameras to ensure the safety of our school community when they are finally installed.

○ Mr. Aggoub would like to hold a Title 1 meeting during the first PTA meeting in October for an opportunity to share Title 1 information.

  • Community Support:

○ We have a more user-friendly, colorful, and engaging website:

○ We are looking into creating a one-stop-shop calendar for parents

  1. PTA Report:
  • Jessica is stepping down as PTA president
  • Does PTA need to hold a vote for all positions? Does Jessica need to write a letter of resignation? What do the bylaws state regarding SLT terms?
  • Concerns about holding SLT and PTA meetings on the same day (Tuesday)

○ Feedback: we have to discuss what works for the majority of the team regarding SLT and PTA meetings

  • PTA is working with Ms. Joseph to create a Zoom account through the DOE

○ Kendra has Webex

○ Zoom has a voting option during the meeting.

○ Google Forms can also be anonymous, but it is not live.

  • Question: What happens if a PTA seat is not filled?

○ Feedback: We have to make outreach to parents and ask them to participate. Some are contingent upon the time of the meetings.

  1. PAC Report:
  • Needs to hold a reelection for the position (PAC representative), as she has been in the position for two years
  1. Current Member Number of Years on SLT (beginning in 2020-2021 school year):

Nicole Mullins - Year 2 Lisa Del Valle - UFT Representative

Mindy Scalzetti - Year 3

Bridget Bass - Year 3 Mary Romano - Year 2

Isabel Vargas (PAC Representative) –

Kendra Hoaas -Year 2

Jessica Feria - PTA President

Alina Saltas- Year 2 Anika Ramnath - Year 2

Danijela Kicovic - Year 2

  1. Roles of SLT:
  • develop educational policies and make sure resources are available to support policies
  • develop CEP (Comprehensive Educational Plan) SLT makes a yearly evaluation of principal’s record
  • SLT is consulted during C-30 prior to the appointment of a principal or assistant principal, but they are not responsible for hiring or firing staff
  1. Requirements of SLT:
  • Principal, PTA President, and UFT Chapter Leader are key members. ⅔ must be present to hold meeting
  • Minimum of 10 people; Maximum of 17 - equal number of parents and staff required
  • Use consensus-based decision making - there is no voting process
  • Each member of SLT is entitled to voice their opinions and concerns
  • NYS Education Law 2590-h requires every school to have a SLT team
  • SLT members represent the entire school community H. Titles for 2020-2021 School Year:
  • Timekeeper: Bridget Bass ○ Question: Virtual time keeping? What will work best? Is there an editable online document?
  • Secretary: Mary Romano
  • Chairperson: Nicole Mullins
  • We are currently at 12 SLT members (6 school staff & 6 parent representatives)

○ Reelections may change members

○ Parents need a new PTA president when Jessica steps down

  1. Day Change
  • SLT has reached a consensus to change the meeting day to the third Tuesday of every month, instead of the third Wednesday. We need to provide a calendar for our school community that includes all meetings in one place.
  1. Next Steps:
  • Go over CEP
  • Does PTA need to hold a vote for all positions? Does Jessica need to write a letter of resignation?
  • Can we amend PTA bylaws to be consistent with SLT bylaws?
  • Amend bylaws to change SLT meeting days from 3rd Wednesday of every month to 3rd Tuesday of every month
  • Develop timekeeping method for virtual meetings

Official Meeting End 3:34 PM


SLT Meeting Minutes, 10/20/2020



Attendance: Yassine Aggoub - Principal

Lisa Del Valle - UFT President

Nicole Mullins - Chairperson

Bridget Bass - Staff member

Marybeth Romano - Staff member

Mindy Scalzetti - Staff member

Isabel Vargas - PAC Representative

Kendra Hoaas - PTA member

Danijela Radivojevic - PTA member

Anika Ramnath - PTA member

Alina Salta - PTA member

Meeting Begin Time: 2:20

Previous Minutes

*Approved by Bridget Bass and Mindy Scalzetti

  • Follow up from previous meeting reported by Nicole Mullins

○ Jessica (current PTA president) does not need to write a letter of resignation.

○ PTA bylaws do not have to be consistent with SLT bylaws

○ PAC representative and PTA president position on SLT will be determined by reelections yearly

○ Staff positions are voted in by school staff for a 3 year term

○ PTA positions (outside of PAC rep and president) are voted in by PTA members for a 3 year term

○ SLT time-keeping will be done using a form emailed by Nicole Mullins on 9/30/20

Principal’s Report

  • Safety:

○ Two fire drills & two lock down drills have been completed. Both cohort A and B have experienced both drills.

○ Covid testing consent forms have been distributed. Testing will be done on a weekly basis because we are in a yellow zone

  • Exciting news:

○ Shout-out to local KFC for free luncheon.

○ New website is up and running. Mrs. Joseph and Ms. Stuart have been attending training and updating our site. Can be found at

○ Parent requested iPads have begun to be distributed. 47 have been distributed. There have been more requests made, and we are working closely with the DOE to get these devices out.

Smart Schools Bonds Funds, about $26,000, has been spent on chrome books. We were able to buy about 80 devices. We will be able to provide families with devices if they have not received iPads from the DOE

  • Instructional Focus:

○ ILT (Instructional Leadership Teams) holds biweekly meetings. Last meeting was yesterday, 10/19/20. There is an instructional focus written and the administration team conducted an instructional walk through of the building, observing one in-person teacher on every grade level. The goal was to find what is working and what needs to improve, instructionally. The goal is to improve instructional practices on an ongoing basis.

  • Events:

○ Breast Cancer Awareness: Month of October October 22nd and October 23rd Honoring and recognizing breast cancer in the month of October. It is a difficult time to hold a fundraiser, we will instead raise awareness by wearing pink on Thursday and Friday, October 22nd and October 23rd. Remote students are also encouraged to wear pink, if they wish to do so.

○ Book Character Day: October 29th and October 30th Cohort A and Cohort B can dress up as their favorite book character to school. Please make sure it is an appropriate character to wear to school, a book character is ideal.

○ Picture Day: November 19th, 20th, and 21st Cohort D will have Saturday the 21st to come in and take pictures, so they have the same opportunity as Cohort A & B . There has been a permit requested for 9am-2pm on November 21st. With weather permitting, these sessions will be conducted outside. If weather is not permitting, the multipurpose room will be utilized.

○ PTA Meeting: 10/21/20 Since it is at the end of October, a Title 1 presentation will be made regarding Title 1 and the allocation of parent engagement. 1%, or $3700, will be allocated to parents, in collaboration with the PAC, PTA and Ms. Joseph. We can come up with ideas to benefit our parents together.

  • Follow up Questions

○ Will there be class pictures? Mr. Aggoub: There will only be individual pictures. The company will be putting a class picture together, digitally

PTA: The company will also have an online system to place orders. Everything will be touchless. Parents can purchase any add-ons they want without purchasing an entire package. They also have the possibility to change to a preferred background. There will be digital flyers for classes and handouts for in person students. PTA will work on creating a slip with a tear off slip for siblings.

 ○ Is there a delivery date for Chromebooks? Mr. Aggoub: There has not been a delivery date because the entire Northeast is waiting for these devices. It is worth the wait, as other devices would be more expensive.

PTA Report

  • Elections will be held tomorrow.
  • There will be an online holiday boutique.
  • Were thinking about purchasing acrylic or plastic shields (1 per classroom) if teachers were interested. ● Another idea for $7,000 of funding would be to have an extra curricular night to hire a presenter to do a remote online activity with students.

PAC Report

  • Elections will be held tomorrow. All members have not been available, there have been no meetings held. 20-21 CEP Goals
  • 2019-2020 Goals: ○ Survey Goal: Goal from last year was to increase survey results. Our goal was to increase parent participation by 5%. It went from 64% to 70%. Last year, it went from 89% to 100% for teacher participation.
  • Mr. Aggoub presented the iPlan portal to the members of SLT.

○ Attendance Goal: *Needs to be rewritten to reflect accurate verbiage

 ■ As of current DOE guidance, remote students will be counted as present if they have completed an assignment during the hours of 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM. This has changed since the beginning of the school year. As per Mr. Aggoub, we will continue to monitor how this impacts our school. Furthermore, teachers are going live from the building and remotely, and it is beneficial for students to join live meetings so they can learn in real time. Our staff has been doing a great job to engage students in live instruction.

■ Parent concern: with too much flexibility, students and parents take advantage of the attendance policy.

■ We are in the process of solidifying the attendance team to create a school wide system from teacher to team, to district. As per Mr. Aggoub, It is good practice for a teacher to reach out to parents for a child who is absent on a daily basis and at minimum- every two days.

 ■ Question: Can there be an automatic call to parents when a child is absent or late? Mr. Aggoub: That was an automatic option via ATS pre-covid. This is not possible currently because attendance is through an attendance tracker and not part of ATS. Documentation is important to maintain outreach: classdojo, text, email or whats app. Unfortunately there are times we have to include outside agencies. Documentation is critical for this process. There is a big difference between being present and completing assignments. Attendance is not a grade.

■ We will need attendance data to reflect on how we want to rewrite a new CEP goal.

ELA Goal

○ Will there be an ELA state exam? We have to consider how else we will measure goals and progress without state exams.

○ NYS is in the process of trying to issue a waiver for students to be exempt from the exam. We would have to work closely with ILT to have a school wide assessment system so we can have non-subjective assessment to measure data. We can adjust the goal to be specific for grades 3-5.

○ We will look at ELA data at our next meeting and write a new CEP goal

  • Final Thoughts/ Next Steps

○ Gather data for attendance goal

○ Gather data for ELA goal

○ Discuss math goal and next steps for math CEP goal at next meeting

Next meeting is November 17th, 2020

Officially meeting End : 3:58 PM

SLT Meeting Minutes, 11/17/2020

SLT TEAM MEETING 11/17/20, PS 97, Queens  

Attendance: Yassine Aggoub - Principal

Lisa Del Valle - UFT President

Nicole Mullins – Chairperson

Bridget Bass - Staff member

Marybeth Romano - Staff member

Mindy Scalzetti - Staff member

Alina Salta - PTA President

 Isabel Vargas - PAC Representative

Kendra Hoaas - PTA member

Danijela Radivojevic - PTA member

Anika Ramnath - PTA member

Ziara Sanchez - PTA member

Meeting Begin Time: 2:20

Previous Minutes Read by Mary Romano Approved by Bridget Bass and Danijela Radivojevic

Principal’s Report

  • COVID 19 ○ We are in a Yellow Zone ○ We have weekly COVID testing on different days to sample staff and teachers from different cohorts

○ 33 people need to be tested during these test days (down from previous requirement & a more realistic number for our school)

 ○ For the past 4 weeks of testing, we have luckily had negative results

○ Rule: If two cases are in the building, the building has to shut down for a minimum of 24 hours so the team can track and trace and establish if the building can reopen or how long it must close (up to 14 days)

○ Kudos to our staff and students

○ According to the NYC Mayor, if our city spread rate is above 3% all of the city will close down and that will include schools. As of 11/17/20, our NYC rate is 2.83%. Mayor is very firm on closing schools if we do reach 3%. There is a high chance our entire school system will be closing, and we are not yet sure what that will look like or what the timeline will be.

  • School Spirit ○ Book Character day was well received by our students and staff members

○ Breast Cancer Awareness was successful in bringing attention to Breast Cancer

○ World Kindness Day was 11/13/20

  • Instruction

 ○ Walk throughs are taking place in both blended and remote learning environments. The goal is to support teachers and staff to increase level of engagement and plan strategically. We want to ensure students are receiving the highest quality of education possible.

○ We have started a weekly professional book club in which staff meet and discuss readings that are relevant to the field and will help us empower students and reflect on our teaching. It is nice to have these opportunities to share with colleagues.

○ Superintendent CarreonAmbert, Deputy Superintendent Melissa Compson, and Deputy Superintendent David Norment visited two remote classes on 11/17/20. They observed a high level of engagement and were pleased with what they saw. It was a positive experience. Of course, they have to highlight things we can do better. These are opportunities we can use to improve our teaching practice and will be discussed among our teacher teams and during ILT.

  • Holidays

○ We can not have parties or gatherings for Thanksgiving

○ We will try to have virtual gatherings

○ Feasts, food and celebrations are a beautiful way to share our culture and have important learning experiences. Unfortunately, this will look different this year. Being safe has to be our priority.

  • Funding

○ Queensborough President Sharon Lee has allocated our school $500,000 towards funding a STEM lab

○ This is considered Reso-A funding. It means it comes from an outside source such as a councilman or political leader.

 ○ We appreciate this greatly, and it is nice to be noticed.

○ This type of funding takes years to kick in and it can only be used for a STEM Lab.

  • Questions?

○ N/A

 PTA Report

  • School Pictures

○ Pictures were supposed to start last week, however we have been mandated to have a virtual picture day. This means parents will upload their own pictures of their children and be able to order whatever items they would like. The dates to take advantage of this is from 11/23/20 - 11/30/20. Both blended and remote students will have the same access. Parents can purchase whatever they want.


  • Holiday Boutique

○ Virtual from 11/25/20 - 12/7/20

  • Virtual Assembly

○ 12/18/20: The Reptile Guy 9AM - 10AM. WebEX link will be shared with staff so it can accommodate a lot of guests. Teachers can choose to participate in the assembly.

  • Funds

○ PTA has about $7,462 to spend

■ Class dividers? Teacher appreciation? Masks? Water bottles? (Emblem Health will be supplying in person students with water bottles) PAC Report

  • Workshops: How can we hold virtual workshops and grab and go pick ups for accompanying giveaways?

○ Summer Bag: Cards, Dominos, & Books

○ Yoga : Yoga Mats ($250)

○ Germs with Nurse Ryan : Germ Book ($250), Bag of Safety Items ($250), Thermometers ($250) ○ Meditation

○ Remote Learning : Dry Erase Boards ($150) and magnetic letters ○ Family Projects: Holiday Ornaments ($250)

  • Next meeting is on December 3rd at 9 AM - How can we get more parents involved?


  • Attendance ○ Goal is to curb chronic absenteeism and increase attendance for school from 94% to 97%. We want to be at 95% or above because it impacts school funding.

○ We have established a team, protocol, and structures. We officially meet weekly. Currently, we do not have any students who are considered a no show. Every student we have is accounted for.

○ Blended Learning leads to some confusion, especially on Mondays. We need to look at the data and support parents. We have been reaching out to parents of students who have inconsistent attendance. Ms. Stacey James is our district attendance teacher. Through this outreach, we are learning how the pandemic is impacting the families even more.

○ Question: If students are blended, do not go into school, but participate in virtually, are they marked as present? Answer: Yes, it is just coded differently. The City has put this in place for students who for example, need to quarantine. Blended learning allows for some flexibility for learning because as long as a student has internet and device, they can be anywhere.

○ Question: How are we reaching parents who do not come to PTA and PAC meetings? Those parents are typically very involved in their children’s academic lives, how do we reach other families? How can we teach student’s remote etiticate? Answer: Ms. Vasiu is holding a workshop about remote learning. We also have to be strategic in reaching these families and the attendance team does outreach to students who have low attendance.

  • ELA ○ Grades 3,4&5 will use Literably to conduct reading assessments. Reading experts will assess children by listening to a recording of them reading aloud.

○ Lower Grades will use Raz Kids ○ We will be prepared to look at reading data for our next meeting.

 ○ How can we support students during these times? We are in the thinking stages of putting together morning/after school/Saturday programs to teach students in need of extra support and teach students in need of enrichment. Students will be selected to the program that matches their learning needs. Teachers may be more likely to volunteer for Saturday programs if they are remote.

Next Meeting: Look at ELA Data Discuss Math CEP GOAL

Official Meeting End time : 3:49 PM


SLT Meeting Minutes, 12/15/2020

SLT TEAM MEETING 12/15/20  PS 97, Queens


Yassine Aggoub - Principal

Lisa Del Valle - UFT President

Nicole Mullins - Chairperson

Bridget Bass - Staff member

Marybeth Romano - Staff member

Mindy Scalzetti - Staff member

Alina Salta - PTA President (absent)

Isabel Vargas - PAC Representative (absent)

Kendra Hoaas - PTA member

Danijela Radivojevic - PTA member

Anika Ramnath - PTA member

Ziara Sanchez - PTA member

Meeting Begin Time: 2:20

Previous Minutes Read by Mary Romano Approved by Bridget Bass and Lisa Del Valle

Principal’s Report


  • We were suddenly shut down
  • We reopened on 12/7/20
  • Upon reopening, all schools are mandated weekly testing for 20% of population
  • We did not get testing last week, but have confirmed we will have testing this week
  • All in person students need COVID testing consent form
  • Since closing before Thanksgiving, we have had a few COVID positive cases in our school community - it is confidential - we can not share any names or specifics
  • As a school we have to report all cases to what is called “the situation room”
  • In the situation room - they work with DOE and Tracing and Tracking to conduct and investigation
  • Cases were in isolation and there was no exposure to school community and did not cause interruption to our school
  • Terrible to have anyone experience COVID, but it is great that no-one else is exposed

 Parent Workshops

  • Stress management
  • Remote learning
  • Ornament making
  • Proud of Mrs. Joseph and our team to conduct such resourceful workshops

Afterschool/Morning Programs

  • Programs are budget pending
  • These programs are outside of teacher’s normal work hours, for this reason they depend on funding
  • We do have confirmed funding from Title 3 allocated towards ELL learners
  • Information regarding Title 3 morning program has been sent to staff to apply for available positions

○ Looking to start program by January 13th

○ Seeking to do 2x a week until mid April

  • Looking to keep Title 1 Funds to students who need AIS (academic intervention) Funding
  • School is in a financial deficit
  • Projections based on number of students and types of students : ELL, SWDs furthermore - special education settings ICT, SC or SETSS is different funding per student

○ Example: gen ed student is allocated about $4,000 versus SPED will be over $7,000

  • We are working to make sure our students are programmed accurately in STARS
  • We went down from owing $7,500 back to $5,400

○ We have the money to pay it back, but we are fighting to not give it back so we can use it towards our children and towards our teachers to get paid per session

  • This is a mid-year adjustment, we will have another adjustment at the end of the year
  • CASA Grant - allocated to different schools usually pays for a dance program - hopefully will start in January - working out logistics of funding School Spirit
  • December 23rd - Ugly Holiday Sweater Day Attendance
  • Big push from city
  • We are able to have our Pre-K classes and our Self-Contained Classes 5x a week because they are small enough in numbers and room capacity
  • We can look at our ICT SPED students and ELL students to see if we can increase their attendance
  • It is important for our subgroups to attend and be in person
  • Hopefully, with this vaccine we can have everyone back in the building soon Parent Engagement
  • Students of the Month Celebration

PTA Report

  • Last day of holiday boutique 12/14/20

 ○ Waiting for participation numbers

  • Picture day - 12 participants
  • 12/18/20 Educational Program for Reptiles
  • No specific ways to spend money in the PTA account


  • We used Literably to assess our 3rd, 4th & 5th grade readers in an unbiased, non-subjective way.
  • Next round of assessments - End of January/Beginning of February
  • Teacher’s are reporting that student’s levels are much lower than expected
  • Pandemic has led to a big regression in student’s reading levels
  • Baseline data can not come from state testing from last year
  • We need to be realistic based on the data we have collected -It is not a shock that there is a gap in learning. School has been inconsistent and the interruptions will have an impact on the student’s growth
  • Mayor discusses plan for “COVID gap”

 ○ What will the plan entail?

  • Making individual progress is more important than meeting grade level
  • Our goal is based on the state exam. We have received clarity that even though we are not sure if we will be taking state exams, we can still use the state tests as a CEP goal.
  • How can we meet goals?

 ○ These are items mentioned in the action plan: Plan with ILT, work towards our instructional focus, work with teacher teams, curriculum maps, priority learning standards, formative and summative assessments, walk throughs, an academic intervention program

  • What happens if we don’t have a state test?

○ Let’s use the reading level data

  • Question for follow up: ○ Is Literably going to give us school wide percentages?
  • Importance of Guided Reading How are teachers implementing a guided reading program in their classrooms? Students can make quick progress if they are supported at their level. How can we get students reading time up? How can we develop a love for reading at home? Workshops? Guided Reading - District Meeting - online platform Digitally leveled guided reading library and lessons Leveled from A-Z Handouts for parents regarding reading levels
  • Some students may not test well electronically.
  • State tests are different from books you may read for enjoyment.
  • Literably has a secret access code for links that can be shared with parents to see their test results
  • SORAAPP - online library on TEACHHUB, a free resource MATH Goal
  • State exam - make an increase in the level 3 &4 of all students, ELL students and SWD - increase of 3%
  • Action plan - very similar to ELA goal
  • All focused on instruction - instructional absolutes
  • Intervention for students - programs to address both subject areas (intervention programs)
  • If we are not using state data we have to rely on classroom assessments.
  • We have to come up with a system to put the data together and speak upon percentages of student at grade level.
  • Is STATE data valid when student opt-out? Could the state test be given to only in person students? That wouldn’t be equitable. Vertical Math assessment?
  • One rigorous question toward one standard that can go across grades. Not extensive. It can be benchmarked or tracked.
  • How can younger grades support students? Is it a reading issue or a math issue? Next Steps: How can we use Math data? Get schoolwide literably data for percentages School Wide guided reading program

Meeting Time End at 3:50 PM

SLT Meeting Minutes 3.16.2021




Yassine Aggoub - Principal

Lisa Del Valle - UFT President

Nicole Mullins - Chairperson

Bridget Bass - Staff member 

Marybeth Romano - Staff member

Mindy Scalzetti - Staff member Absent

Alina Salta - PTA President  Absent

Isabel Vargas - PAC Representative 

Kandy Alva - PTA member 

Danijela Radivojevic - PTA member

Kirushanthy Ramnath - PTA member

Ziara Mosquera - PTA member

Meeting Begin Time: 2:40 

Previous Minutes

Read by Mary Romano

Approved by Ms. Ramnath and Ms. Bass


Imagine Learning 

April 6 and April 13th training for teachers

Seeking to implement ELA and Math program

Want our teachers to be well acquainted with the program


Consultant is an assigned coach to work with a small cohort of teachers who are tech savvy and can turnkey technology to other colleagues and teachers. We will expand on this cohort extending into next year.

March Events

  • Dr. Seuss’ birthday 
  • Read Across America Day 

            Very successful. Parents and other school members joined us to have read 

          alouds across grades.

  • Student Led Conferences

            Moving towards vision of students leading their own learning.

  • State Testing

            Short answer: there is no final answer. State is hinting at the fact that we will   

         most likely move forward with testing as the federal government wants all  

         states to have tests. We are preparing to have the state tests. 

          Preliminary date ranges are as follows:

          ELA - April 19th and April 29th

          Math - May 3rd and May 14th

          NYSESLAT - Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing April 19th - June 9th

          Science Written: June 7th - June 9th 

      This is all depending on what the federal government decides. Our state put in an exception waiver because of factors impacting the validity of the test, i.e. remote learning. We will put a schedule together as a school. Right now, if this moves forward, it will only be given to in person students. This questions the equity of the test. We will inform all parents,  teachers and students as soon as it becomes official. 

  • Stepping Up

         Last year, all ceremonies had to be remote. Now, the city is hinting that we are  

         allowed to do outside ceremonies. We want to make sure there is equity in these 

         celebrations. The 5th, K and Pre-K teams are working towards all possibilities to 

         have an equitable celebration and allow all students to experience the end of 

         the year activities.

  • Equity Team 

         Team of various stakeholders. We meet biweekly. We have met twice so far. We 

         meet to discuss the disparities that exist in the field of education. We want to 

         figure out how our school fits into these disparities and work towards making 

         sure all students received an equitable education.

  • Book Club

         Participating teachers are reading “Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain” 

         by Zaretta Hammond and working towards understanding how our culture 

         plays a role in everything we do in our school.

  • Teaching Observations and Evaluation

         Teachers will receive formal evaluations and observations. Teachers were 

         previously not expected to have these completed this year. Through agreements

         with the Union and the DOE, we have moved forward with this process.

  • District Visit (PPO)

Our District Superintendent, Jennifer Carreón, will be coming on April 8th to complete an in person visit. We are excited to have her. She is seeking to come and see how we are doing and use a rubric to evaluate how our school is doing. 

  • Picture Day 

         We were not able to have picture day in the fall because of the high rate of 

         cases at the time. We will be able to have a picture day in the Springtime. The 

         PTA president has been in communication with Mr. Aggoub to organize this. As 

         soon as this becomes official, we will share information with all parties.

  • Women's History Month

          We are highlighting influential women in our morning announcements to  

          highlight how they have impacted our society. Happy Women's Month to the 

          powerful woman in this space.

PTA Report 

Ms. Salta apologizes for last minute inconvenience and not being able to attend today.

Teacher appreciation gift cards were distributed with help of wonderful office personnel.

Zoom meeting with an author April 22nd at 2pm for younger students.

Zoom meeting with an author on May 12th at 9am for older students.

June 10th or 9th will hold performance and information will be forthcoming. The event is called “Bash the Trash”

Waiting for check for $93.83 from picture day profits.

Spring pictures are waiting for D27 guidelines. The company has many dates available for the springtime.

Balance in PTA account is $6,866 

We spent $500 + $100 for teacher appreciation day

Ms. Mullins:

Thank you to PTA for teacher appreciation day 

Thank you for YOGA workshop yesterday

PAC Report

Secretary does not have notes finalized from March minutes yet finalized. We will have minutes by the next meeting. Discussed new ideas for workshops. Autism, storytelling, puzzles and vocabulary workshops have been discussed. More information will come to our next meeting.

CEP Goals

Attendance Goals by June 2021

Overall attendance rate will increase 3% from 94% to 97%

SWD: Attendance rate for SWD will increase 2% from 94% to 96% as measured by the student’s historical aggregate report (RYPA).

ELL: Decrease chronic absenteeism from 4.5 to 2.5 % as measured by the student’s historical aggregate report (RYPA).

These goals were created at the end of last year. Our attendance is hovering around 93%. The city overall attendance is in the 80s and some schools are in the 70s. There is a lot of confusion about what counts as absent or present. These questions were raised. For example, if the student was on a google meet with their camera off or only online for 10 minutes. This affected the data around attendance. Our school has decent structure and we are continuing to work on this. Our school is sustaining our level of attendance with our school population. We want to, at minimum, shoot for 95% of attendance. As a part of the ESSA Law, we want to see 95% of students in grades 3-8 tested successfully because that impacts funding. With testing, the 95% plays a big role in data and funding. We want to keep this in mind as we continue to grow and normalize until next year. We won’t have this attendance in testing, as we won’t be able to test remote students. We can continue to continue our efforts to get to the 95%

Open to the floor: What are the challenges with attendance?

Teacher: problem is not with attending, problem is with participation, lack of completing work. It is not mandated for children to have their camera on. However, when students are logged on, they are really not there. There has to be a give here because we are held responsible. This may be a minute few, but it is not fair to the other students. It makes teaching more challenging. 

Mr. Aggoub: These are city guidelines that we must adhere to. They highlight the difference between attendance and academics. We ask for parent support and also understand how there are challenges that may arise. Any other noticings?

Teacher: I have the same problem. Children come on for just 5 minutes or do not complete work. The way I am trying to handle it is to document and notify parents if there is a pattern of behavior. 

Teacher: There is a huge gap of learning when students do not attend meetings on time.

Parent: I wish I could block other apps. They are very distracted. Children have access to youtube. They can log on and go on youtube and put their camera off and engage in other activities.

Teacher: Some distractions cannot be avoided. How can we use these opportunities to help students manage their own learning and distractions?

Parent: Encourage children at home to be more focused. Can the space between lessons be shorter or can the schedule be purposeful when certain subjects are taught. In the morning, it may be difficult to focus on different subjects at different times. By rotating subjects, each subject can have different times for focusing. Also, some students lose their engagement when they have technological difficulties. Idea: every morning the teacher sends the schedule for the day at 7:30. The meeting time can be 15 minutes of hyper focused time. After, they can press an icon like “I have completed my assignment” After they finish the class, they have to do the homework before they move to the second period.

Teacher: Other parents have different opinions of logging in time. It is important to give children breaks in between.

Teacher: For 1st graders, it may be confusing to follow different day structures. They thrive upon the routine. It helps them learn what to expect. 

Teacher: It is important for students to be able to advocate for what they need, whether it be more help and more time or more breaks. Giving students a voice will help them know what they need to do to engage in learning.

Teacher: We have to be flexible in our approach to all students. Some things may not work. Some things will. This will also change when we go back into the building. 


Attendance Rewards: Will bringing attendance awards back or creating an incentive, will this encourage attendance in students, even remotely? How can we reward them outside of the building? Any ideas?

Parent: A possibility is a teacher gives them points for coming in on time, submitting an assignment on time or following a request. At the end of the week, all the points are added up and depending on how many points they get, they will be sent a gift. Hold students accountable when they haven’t completed their assignments. Maybe this reflective of a budget that she has or something that she is doing on her own. Maybe we can give certificates for earning points.

Teacher: What challenges are students facing that impact their attendance?

Teacher: Maybe we can survey parents and see what we can do to help.

Mr. Aggoub: One of our biggest challenges are families that go away for extended vacations. We want to send our calendar out as early as possible so families can plan vacations accordingly. Other ideas that have worked: an attendance bulletin board with 100% attendance or a raffled pizza party for the highest attending class. 

Teacher: Maybe we can work with a local business and ask them if we can purchase coupons for a free slice or a free doughnut and be able to email the coupon to families so they can earn their prize.

Mr. Aggoub: Also, positive approaches include working with Boys and Girls Club and extra curricular activities to get students to want to be in the building and enjoy being here. Hopefully next year, we can have more of these activities. Ideas: Robotics, debate, running, and whatever works. The more ideas we have, the more students these will appeal to.

Parent: Can we have a gardening event at school? This helps students learn many different things and helps towards global warming.

Teacher: Can we use the front of the school or can we have a rooftop garden?

Mr. Aggoub: Maybe we can use the front of the school and have an afterschool program to teach towards vegetation.

Any other comments, questions or ideas?

Attendance Team

There is an attendance team in the building to have teachers report attendance outreach for students who have absences. The attendance team will also then reach out to parents and make sure the child is okay.

Friendly Reminder:

Make sure to keep track of your hours on the timesheet sent at the beginning of the year. Nicole will resend via email to ensure that everyone has the form.

Meeting End 3:58 PM


SLT Meeting Minutes, 1/19/2021

January 19, 2021 

Meeting Begin Time: 2:20 


Yassine Aggoub - Principal

Lisa Del Valle - UFT President

Nicole Mullins - Chairperson

Bridget Bass - Staff member 

Marybeth Romano - Staff member

Mindy Scalzetti - Staff member

Alina Salta - PTA President 

Isabel Vargas - PAC Representative 

Kendra Hoaas - PTA member (absent)

Danijela Radivojevic - PTA member

Kirushanty Ramnath - PTA member

Ziara Sanchez - PTA member

Previous Minutes

Read by Mary Romano

Approved by Bridget Bass and Danijela Radivojevic 

Principal’s Report


  • Covid positive cases in building, this is a city-wide struggle. Anyone in close contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus has to quarantine for 10 days, this is a change from 14 days.
  • Staff letters, parent letters, and quarantine letters are sent home to appropriate individuals
  • We are currently awaiting an update from the situation room to know if we are open tomorrow - we have raised the concern to the DOE that we do not know if we will be in person until last minute
  • Communication here is key, critical that parents check their emails, update their email address and have an active account on classdojo 

Exciting News

  • Morning program started this week with our ELL students. We may be able to extend this program to our low students, perhaps our level 1-2s on grades 3,4&5
  • Would like to have after school programs in robotics, dance, and art 
  • College Day - Friday 1/15/21
  • Current Events - Inauguration, Democracy, American History 
    • Teachers are creating a safe space for students to learn about current events and share their feelings about what is happening in our community and world

**BREAKING NEWS: We will be closed for this entire week until 1/24/21

PTA Report

Voted Events

  • Teacher Appreciation Event - $650 
  • Author speeches (upper & lower grades) - $500 each
    • contacting authors; possible date for lower grades : 5/12/21 
  • Free music assembly with Queens Public Library 


  • Waiting final report 

Holiday Boutique

  • Waiting to hear back from company - will contact them 

PAC Report

  • Not able to hold December meeting 
  • January meeting was held successfully
  • Hosting workshops 
    • Seeking to host Yoga workshop
    • Seeking to host Lunar New Year workshop $250 
    • Seeking to host “Do your hair with Daddy”
    • Seeking to host Spa Day workshop 
    • Seeking to host Valentine’s Day $100 
    • Seeking to host Mother’s Day cooking with mom $250 
  • Next meeting on February 4th 2021

Entire team participated in Required Annual SLT Training:

Roles and Responsibilities of School and District Leadership Teams In Educational Planning and Shared Decision Making

Presented by OFDC and FACE

Next Steps:

*Kendra may not be able to attend SLT meetings moving forward. 

Possible solutions: adding another parent or having a teacher step-down.

PTA will confirm which step is best.

Meeting End @ 3:57 PM


SLT Meeting Minutes, 2/23/2021

SLT MEETING 2/23/2021


Yassine Aggoub - Principal

Lisa Del Valle - UFT President

Nicole Mullins - Chairperson

Bridget Bass - Staff member 

Marybeth Romano - Staff member

Mindy Scalzetti - Staff member

Alina Salta - PTA President 

Isabel Vargas - PAC Representative 

Kendra Hoaas - PTA member 

Danijela Radivojevic - PTA member

Anika Ramnath - PTA member

Ziara Mosquera - PTA member

Meeting Begin Time: 2:20 

Previous Minutes

Read by Mary Romano

Approved by Bridget Bass and Lisa Del Valle

Meetings will be made more easily accessible by zoom so we can be fully transparent with all people who may want to attend meetings. 

We will have the entire SLT team approve notes via email before they are published on our website.

We have the entire document with SLT agenda, dates, and corresponding notes on file if anyone needs the records.

Principal’s Report



If we have two or more cases that are unrelated in the building, we are forced to close down. We were mandated to shut down for 10 days, but luckily it was during mid-winter recess. We were able to open on 2/22/21 as business as usual.

We had testing in the building on 2/22/21. The percentage of individuals tested is 20% at random and includes cafeteria workers, teachers, students and other school staff.


Parent Teacher Conferences 

Parent Teacher conferences will be conducted as Student Led Conferences, where students can take a leadership role in presenting what their strengths and needs are.

If a child is considered PID (Promotion in Doubt) teachers will be having an additional meeting with parents and guardians to discuss necessary steps for making required progress by June. Without progress, students may be eligible to attend summer school or be held over to repeat the grade.  

Respect For All Week

We held a calendar of events for both remote and blended cohorts.

We hosted parent workshops about inclusion, self-care, and respect.

Black History Month 

We have held events and had students highlight influential African American individuals daily.


Morning program for ELL students is underway.

Morning program has been extended for AIS program (academic intervention services)

Students who are PID can have additional support between now and the end of school year by attending the morning program.

We are in the planning phase for a Saturday program. This would have to be remote. We are not able to do this in person. This is frustrating to require students to spend another day behind a screen. 


Title 1 and Title 3 funds are getting used for teacher’s per session in morning programs.

We are seeking to purchase Imagine Learning. This is a research based learning program, it supports students in ELA and Math and data is gathered automatically from the program. This program will be available during the summer for students even while we are not in school. This will be a positive addition to our school community. Language support is built into the program. With math, there is a feature for students to click on to get a live person to support them with a math task so they are not stuck. It will support and engage students in meaningful learning activities and help us gather data for differentiation, grouping and remediation purposes. 

We are trying to utilize funds to provide professional development (PD) for our teachers. 

We are looking to use Educate to have tech PD for instructional purposes. Will give us more updates next meeting after this is finalized. 

We will open funds to teacher teams and create a wishlist for grades to spend $1000 for our students next year. 

5th grade and K stepping up ceremonies will try to be supported with our school funds.

Title 1 funds have been utilized for extra subs; we have 3 full time sub teachers.

We have an additionally 2-3 subs who come almost daily now.


March has a lot of deadlines with budget:

  • March 5th is last day for furniture or computers
  • March 18th money can not be moved around
  • We would like to purchase chromebooks. We are still waiting on our previous order of chromebooks. We will use whatever funds we have left to purchase chromebooks. Our big vision is to have a chrome cart in every classroom. 


The Boys and Girls Club are interested in starting their program in our school. It will be an after school program where they can have 250 students in grade 1-5. They can remain in school an additional 2 hours after dismissal. They utilize the time to help students with their homework. We would like to engage students in the arts and sports. They also have a summer camp. Students who participate in the program have access to early registration for the summer program.

The Equity Team has taken form. We are working with different individuals, and teacher leaders to create a team. Many other schools in our district have created these teams to focus on social issues and other issues that impact our school community. We want to take a closer look at how our students are impacted. Thank Ms. Shiner, Ms. Romano and Ms. Stuart for their leadership role in this as a part of their studies. Our first meeting is Friday 2/26.

PTA Report

Tomorrow 2/24/21 we will distribute gift cards for school staff for both blended and remote teachers. For remote, Ms. Michelle will help assist PTA to mail teachers the gift card. Entire school staff will have a small gift from the PTA.


We have a May 12th @ 9 am - meeting for Interrupting Chicken & picture books

Waiting to hear back from David Ezra Stein 

No updates regarding pictures

Daniela has spoken with 5th grade teachers regarding graduation pictures and they did not need PTA support. 

PTA will host SLT elections during the March meeting.

PAC Report 

February 4th PAC meeting was held 

All participants were present 

January meeting minutes were ready by Cindy and approved

$2,100 dollars left in budget 

Upcoming workshops:

  • Black History - books $250
  • Mothers Day - $250
  • Time Management $250
  • Respect for All $50
  • Making of soap $250
  • Mother’s Day $250 
  • Meditation Workshop was yesterday 2/22
  • Yoga Workshop will be March 15th 

Meeting ended at 9:32am

Next meeting March 4 @ 9 am 

Planning to host a vocabulary workshop with dictionaries, crossword puzzles and other materials for another $250 . In addition, for April we are trying to host butterfly cards and other accessories for about $250. These have to be approved by the PAC.

CEP Goals

State has put in an appeal to have state exams. We need to be prepared to show growth in our building.

ELA Goal

Grade 3-5 Literably 

Reading specialists assess student’s reading. We just finished their second round. As teachers, it is a great tool because it is non biased. We are seeing gains.

Lower grades are using raz-kids. We have also used F&P for in person students. Raz-kids may not cover enough. First grade has books on the computer. We are seeing gains.

Goal: By June 2021, there will be a 5% increase from 51% to 56% of all students receiving a level 3/4s as measured by the NYS ELA exam results.

Subgroup ELL: Increase level 3s and 4s by 3% from 32% to 35%

Subgroup SPED: Decrease level 1s and 2s from 85% to 82%

We can use the state exam, even as we have not heard about the status of the exam. However, as we know from good practice, we should have an indicator to show if our students are making progress or not. Teachers are tracking reading levels. Teachers are also tracking ELA progress through published writing. These are resources we utilize when we think about report cards or promotion in doubt.

We try to be as transparent as possible with parents and students about their individual goals. 

Mrs. Mullins presented a reading level chart by grade for 4th grade students. 

We have programs in place to help students meet their goals. 

Math Goal

Goal: By June 2021, there will be a 5% increase from 50% to 55% of all students receiving a level 3 or 4 as measured by the NYS Math exam results.

Subgroup ELL: Increase level 3s and 4s 3% from 25% to 28%
Subgroup SPED: Increase SPED level 3s and 4s 3%  from 25% to 28%

Gather data by class, grade and by school to find where strengths and weaknesses are. We can use the data (from Imagine) to find the standards that need to be addressed. This year, we are focusing on the priority learning standards. The state has identified key standards for use to focus on. Imagine will help give us this data. This can help prepare us for next year. We hope to have planning sessions to help us prepare for next year. 

How can we plan with other grade teams to help with our students?

Feedback from parents:

What are you noticing? What is working? What is not working? How would you like to see us do better?

Parent: 1st grade and 2nd grade students who are remote.

For second grade, what are the guidelines for time screen? Why are teachers giving more time for online students? When we began, we had more time for live lessons. He is understanding so much more because the 2nd grade teacher is live.

My 1st grader has limited time with the teacher - a lot more of the lessons are asynchronous. It is very hard for me to help my student because he has less time with his teacher.. 

What are the guidelines? Is this on the teacher to decide?

Guidelines for January-February online times:

K - 120 minutes

1st grade -  120 minutes 

2nd grade - 130 minutes

3rd, 4th, & 5th grade- 150 - 210 minutes

Other work can be asynchronous 

Parent: 1st grade- agree with Ms. Bass classwork for writing and math are done live 

If they are not doing the assignments during the time given by the teacher, it becomes homework after 2pm. I am personally happy and good about my child’s current progress. 

Parent: My students benefit from having structure all day at home, they don’t have a parent next to them monitoring them all day long. Structure is helpful. The teacher has a camera on while teaching in person class. My child is benefiting from more than others because blended classes are so small. Are remote classes large?


two girls who are not struggling

1st grader is doing well in Ms. Bass

Child has 2-3 teachers and is very independent. 

Both her students struggle with remote settings - loudness, things happening in other children’s homes are distractions. Some parents need to be more accountable for student’s actions.

How can we help?

Have empathy for parents who are struggling, but also what can we do for parents to recognize how their home environments can be a distraction to their children and other students?

Possible to host a workshop about how to set up a more conducive at home learning environment? How can we give students and parents knowledge, resources and support?

Next Steps/Announcements:

  • Encourage teachers to email for any class who wants him to come to a class.
  • Kendra’s last meeting is today 2/23/21.
  • Three parents are interested in the position election will be held in March for a new SLT member. 


3:55 End of Meeting