About Us

Mission Statement

At PS97Q, The Forest Park School community, we prepare our students for college and career by embracing their strengths and providing them with an equitable and culturally relevant education in which they are challenged to reach their maximum potential both academically and personally through instruction that is differentiated for all learners.


Vision Statement

At PS97Q, The Forest Park School community, develops students’ talents, celebrates their accomplishments and provides them with every opportunity to strive to exceed the standards through high quality and culturally relevant instruction embedded in technology which is collaboratively planned and facilitated in a Professional Learning Community.  We prepare our students to compete and succeed in our globally connected society.’

The Forest Park School Pledge

I pledge allegiance to our school and those in P.S. 97.

I promise to follow all rules, to do my work, and respect others in our community.

Accepted by student enrollment on June 2, 2006

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