A Message from our Community Superintendent

We invite you to read a wonderful message from our Community Superintendent, Ms. Ambert. Ms. Ambert attends the monthly District 27 CEC meetings and we know it would please her to meet the many families in our district. Visit the CEC link available on this web site for the dates and times of the monthly meetings. We do hope you get the opportunity to meet her as her priority is your child's education.

September 7, 2018

Dear Families and School Communities,

I am grateful, humbled and honored to have been announced as your new Community Superintendent.

Over the next few weeks, I will be visiting schools across our district and meeting all of our educators, school-based teams and families. I look forward to greeting all of the students in our schools and learning about them.

Prior to being selected as the Community Superintendent, I worked at the Queens South Field Support Center as the Director for Teaching and Learning/Assistant Superintendent, as well as at the Central level as the Director for New Principal Support. I was a principal of a grades Pre-Kindergarten to Eight (Pre-k-8) school in Queens for eight years.

I am a proud New York City Public Schools graduate, after coming to New York from another country. My parents taught me about the value of education and emphasized how hard work and dedication ensures positive outcomes. I have two children who are now in high school and college, so I understand how you each advocate for your children.

I fully believe that, if all students are fully supported to succeed; that if a positive school climate and collaborative learning culture exists in every school community; and if we work with our families to become active partners in their children’s learning, then all students will be able to maximize or exceed their individual potential and achieve success. It is our goal that all schools in the district exhibit rigorous and equitable opportunities for every student, ensuring the development and strengthening of SCEWP, which represents:
 Self-Regulation/Student Agency
 Communication/Collaboration Skills
 Engagement and Empathy
 Work Habits/Organization Skills
 Persistence/Perseverance

Together, we will work tirelessly for ALL students and prepare our students for college and career.

Once again, I look forward to visiting every school and meeting all of you.


Jennifer Carreón Ambert
Acting Superintendent – Community School District 27