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  • ESL Adult Classes

    ESL Adult Classes for our parents

    Eight Classes: All are virtual at 6:00 p.m.

    • November 16th
    • November 30th
    • December 7th
    • December 14th
    • December 21st
    • January 4th
    • January 11th
    • January 18th

    Link to join:

    Meeting ID: 845 3669 4960
    Passcode: CITE



  • School Uniform Policy 2023 - 2024

    School Uniform Policy - English

    School Uniform Policy - Spanish


    Dear P.S. 97Q School Community,
    P.S. 97Q, The Forest Park School has established a school uniform policy effective 2023-2024 school year in
    accordance with Chancellor Regulation A-665. All students (Pre-K to 5th Grade) are required to wear the school
    uniform. We are asking for your support in this equitable journey. School uniforms create a safer community, a
    greater sense of school belonging, improved student behavior, and improved academic performance, as well as
    reducing school clothing costs for families.
    At P.S. 97Q, the school uniform policy is:
    ● Light blue button down or polo top. Long sleeve or short sleeve.
    ● Dark blue/navy pants, shorts, dress or skirt. If any student should want to wear a skirt, they may do so
    with spandex shorts/leggings underneath.
    ● Closed footwear. Sneakers are recommended, especially on Gym days.
    Not school approved:
    ● Jeans, yoga pants, tights/jeggings or miniskirts. No Hoodies, caps or bandanas. Religious headwear is
    ● Spaghetti straps/tank tops or short shorts.
    ● Flip flops, high heels or Crocs (for safety reasons).
    School uniforms must be worn daily. School spirit days will be the exception and will be announced in advance.
    Please note: If a child comes to school wearing clothing that is deemed inappropriate, a parent/guardian will
    be contacted to make alternate arrangements. If a child continues to come to school without uniform,
    interventions will take place to support the family to comply with the uniform policy before a consequence is
    enforced. If parents/guardians need financial assistance with purchasing the school uniform, please speak to
    the Parent Coordinator Ms. Ali or contact the school at 718-849-4870.
    Uniform Store Options/Locations: Parents/Guardians can purchase school uniforms from any vendor. School
    Uniforms can be purchased at the following locations: Amazon, Kid City and/or Cookie's.

  • Literacy - NYC Reads

    Introducing NYC Reads

    Ensuring that all New York City Students become confident readers.

    What Is Literacy?

    Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak and listen effectively. These skills enable students to express themselves clearly, listen to others, gain knowledge and build an understanding of the world around us. While each school selects its own literacy curriculum, there are common features in every New York City Public School classroom. These include books that help student apply new reading skills in context and units of study that teachers use for reading and writing instruction. 

    Schools have a focused, intentional sequence of lessons for both reading and writing for the school year so that the instruction is planned thoughtfully. Lessons include:

    • listening
    • speaking
    • reading and writing
    • opportunities for thinking
    • rich discussion with peers in pairs or in small groups

    Teachers model good questioning and encourage students to ask questions about what they read and learn. Students receive instruction on specific strategies to help them read difficult text, and practice using those strategies on a variety of reading passages, both fiction and nonfiction. These texts are selected to meaningfully reflect the rich cultural and ethnic diversity in our schools. There are also opportunities for daily independent reading and writing guided by the classroom teacher, and school libraries offer opportunities for further inquiry and research projects. Finally, examples of student work applying what they have learned to their research, analysis, and writing are displayed in classrooms and hallways so everyone can learn from each other's efforts.

    Some of the additional features you can expect to see in your child’s school are the following:

    In Elementary Grades

    • A strong early reading and writing program in kindergarten, first, and second grade that includes instruction in the five fundamentals of reading:
      • Phonics: relationships between the letters of written language and the sounds of spoken language.
      • Phonemic awareness: the ability to understand that spoken words are made up of individual sounds.
      • Vocabulary: the meaning or definition of words.
      • Fluency: the ability to read accurately with reasonable speed and expression.
      • Comprehension: the ability to understand and interpret what is read.
    • A literacy program that has a predictable format so that students understand the goal of each lesson
    • Teachers leading daily read-aloud using high-quality, culturally diverse, age-appropriate books
    • Writing instruction that includes daily opportunities to practice skills such as handwriting, word choice, sentence structure, and punctuation in varied genres
    • Classrooms with libraries offering a wide range of grade-appropriate books across many topics and reading levels
    • A reading coach who supports early reading acquisition in kindergarten, first, and second grade
    • Extra support in focused, small group settings for students who are struggling in reading and writing
  • Website Mobile Application

    Dear Parents please download our website mobile application for instant updates.

    This application is very convenience to parents because of the minute to minute updates and direct access to
    our website on their mobile device.

    Follow these simple instructions to install the website application on your mobile device for FREE: - watch eChalk video
    • First search on the apple app store or google play store according to your mobile device – eChalk Notify.
    • Download eChalk Notify on your mobile device.
    • Then, it will ask you to - Add a subscription with an alert code for your school or district.
    • Enter the alert code - 82YW3C and click connect.
    • Next, you will see welcome to PS97Q, click on it and you are all set to visit the website and get instant alerts on
    your mobile device.

    Website letter for parents

    Website letter for parents - Spanish

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