Social Awareness Award of Excellence 2017

Yeiling Cedeno , Tiffany Rodriguez, Eliahs Delgado 5-404, Savannah Chadee, Michael Morales, Isabella Vasquez 5-402, Diana Castillo, Maisun Khelef, Ashelyn Feliciano 5-401, Desiree Guevares, Marie Carrington, Kiara Cortorreal, Rachael Delarosa, Adam Ali, 5-401 
Congratulations! These students received an award at the Queens South Field Support Center’s (QS FSC) Second Annual Excellence Awards Ceremony which was held on June 1, 2017 at the Queens Museum. Congratulations to all as they were recognized for their Social Awareness Video! Thank you to Ms. Rodriguez and her interns, Diana and Joanne, Ms. Romano,                   Ms. Mahmood, our parents, and all who were responsible for making this happen!
Just look at those smiles!