May 2018 Workshops

We are so thrilled to have participated in the Hance Family Foundation Beautiful Me program this year with our Grade 4 and Grade 5 girls.  Four of our staff members, Ms. Capobianco, Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Romano, Ms. Vasiu, and  have been trained to work with our students on this program and have volunteered to help our moms become beautiful moms!   We will have nice little gifts for all who attend which have been selected to help build our confidence and remind us of just how beautiful we are, in and out.  Please visit the below links for all details.  

Be a Beautiful Mom, English 
Be a Beautiful Mom, Spanish

Ms. Rodriguez, our Guidance Counselor has hosted many workshops for our Grade 5 families to help them with Middle School Applications, and now that we are almost there, she will help you and your child make the transition smoothly.  It is a most difficult time for not only our students, but for our parents as well and we are pleased to be able to offer you this support through the help of Ms. Rodriguez.  See below links for details.