January 2018 Photos

Lunchtime Coding

College Awareness Day 

Everlette wants to be an artist, Briana wants to be a veterinarian, Alyssa wants to be a police officer, Mudid wants to be a software engineer, Jacob wants to be a coder, and his sister Lexi wants to be an anesthesiologist, Merelin wants to be a doctor, Jenny wants to be a pianist, Albert wants to be a basketball player, Hussein wants to own an Apple store, Jayana wants to be a dance, Blaize wants to be an orthopedic, Amaya wants to be a doctor, Gabby wants to be a firefighter, and yes, Jaylen wants to be President of the United States!  


Our Spelling Bee Champ is Georgios Saltas!  He aced the Districtwide Spelling Bee and now moves on to the Citywide level.  We are so proud of him and wish him the very best. 

Dinosaurs Before Dark Read Aloud with Ms. Romano and Class 3/4-309 and Ms. Stuart and Class 2-310

After enjoying the book, we mixed flour, cold brewed coffee, brewed coffee grinds and salt and made our very own fossils.  Learning is fun! 

Our Super Coding Students met with our parents and taught them all about coding!  Learning is fun at 97, Queens!   

Student Council Hosts a Successful Bake Sale