generationOn Club

We are so very proud of our generationOn Kids Care Club for not only being named the February Club of the month but the 2016 Club of the Year!  

Congratulations to our Grade 4 students who will join our Kids Care Club!  We look forward to working on many wonderful service projects!  

Class 4-408
Madad Mukit
Amelia Bhim
Saima Sukur

Zahedi Rozan
Ethan Peralta
Georgios Saltas
Matthew Carrillo
Melanie Lituma
Muhtasim Prohor

Noah Concepcion
Kelvis Reyes Gomez
Akhil Ramnath
Jaylene Peralta
Keila Aguilar
Arwa Al-ryashi

Our Grade 4 students join our Grade 5 members who are listed below. 

Darling Vargas
Tiffany Rodriguez

Esteban Quinche
Adam Ali

Savannah Chadee
Sadiq Khan
Michelle Yu
Jessica Yuan