generationOn Club

We are so very proud of our generationOn Kids Care Club for not only being named the February 2016 Club of the Month but the 2016 Club of the Year!  

We invite our Grade 4 students to apply to be a member of our generationOn Kids Care Club!  Please click on the below link for the application.  We look forward to hearing from many of you.  New members will be announced by Friday, October 12, 2018.  The new members will join our grade 5 members.   

Congratulations to our new 4th grade club members.  They each shared why they think it is important to care for others, whether it be the elderly, the homeless, or our animal friends.  They all have caring hearts and we look forward to a great year.  They join our current 5th grade member which are listed below!  

Class 4-407 
Elizabeth Toxqui
Ana Rizzuto 

Class 4-408
Alexandra Chavez
Luna Rebic 

Class 4-307
Keely Zhou
Faiza Hague 

Class 4-409 
Blaize Arroyo 
Noehlys Medina 
Jaylen Ortiz

Class 5-406
Randy Mendoza
Andy Mayancela

Class 5-404 
Jayana Pacheco 

Class 5-402
Rachel Mohan