February 2018 photos

We celebrated the SOUP-er Bowl by wearing our favorite Jerseys and donating cans of soup to our local food pantry!  

Valentines for Vets sponsored by Assemblyman Mike Miller's office.

We participated in the Lymphoma & Leukemia Pennies for Patients Drive and are very proud of our collection of donations.  In total, we collected $1,511 in change and bills to support this great program.  Thank you to Ms. Palacios and Kaydee Cuevas, and family for chairing this great event.  

 Citizenship Classes with the New York Historical Society 

Community Healthcare Network teaches our parents how to make healthy choices and shares a healthy smoothie recipe.  Thank you to Ms. Pellegrini!  

Our PTA held their January meeting and all enjoyed hot cocoa which was sponsored by our Kindergarten families.  We say thank you and see you in February!  

100th Day with Mrs. Spar and Class K-315
Mrs. Brennan and Class 2-303, Ms. Centore and Class 1/2-306, Ms. Romano and Class 3/4-309, and Mrs. Spar and Class K-315 celebrate the 100th Day with many different activities!  
Nurse Ryan completes a successful Asthma Class with her grade 5 students.  

It's Valentine's Day and we are celebrating Heart Healthy with Empire Blue Cros Blue Shield Health Plus.  We say thank you to Ms. Lupita Amadias and Ms. Carina Vizhnay for all their support to our families.