Dancing Classrooms

Dancing Classrooms was launched in 1994 as a not-for-profit project of the American Ballroom Theater Company (ABrT) in New 

York City. It is an arts program teaching ballroom dance to the upper elementary and middle school students of participating 

schools throughout the five boroughs. ABrT was founded in 1984 as a ballroom dance performing arts company under 

the direction of Pierre Dulaine, Yvonne Marceau and Otto Cappel. Dulaine and Marceau became dance partners in 1976 and 

won numerous awards and accolades. Notable awards include the 1977, ’78, ’79 and ‘82 British Exhibition Championships, the 

Fred Astaire Award for Best Dance on Broadway, Dance Magazine’s award for excellence, the National Dance Council of 

America award, the Dance Educators of America award, and the Americans for the Arts “Arts in Education” 2005 award.

We are proud to have our Grade 5 students participate in this program this year.  We look forward to their performance which will be scheduled for this year.