Class of 2017 Remembers Annika Farrell

Some of you may remember that we were named Ready School of the Year for 2011 by the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and we had a wonderful celebration!  We donated a banner to OEM which still hangs in their entrance of their building.  We are quite proud to be among other great schools who have been recognized for the same.  
Mrs. Chrtistina Farrell, Deputy Commissioner, External Affairs, NYC Emergency Management, was with us at our celebration and fell in love with our school. 

Christina experienced something no mother should ever have to.  Her daughter Annika passed only months old from SIDS.  As we all can imagine this being a most difficult time in her life, her college friends did something special to remember Annika.
A group of Christina's college friends got together and decided they would purchase books and donate them to children in a special school in memory of Annika.  Christina loved our school so, she selected our school and students to keep the memory of her daughter alive.  

So each February, the month of Annika's birth, Christina and her friends visited with our students bringing books for them to enjoy.  Each book donated is labeled "In Memory of Annika" and our students remember Annika each time they read one of these special books.  In February of 2012, their first visit, they visited with Kindergarten because that would have been the grade Annika would have been attending that year.   Each year following they continued with Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, and now Grade 5, which is our Class of 2017.  Our Class of 2017 have been the students who have remembered Annika all through their elementary school years.  
On Wednesday, May 31, 2017, our Class of 2017 planted a tree in our front yard in memory of Annika.  They selected a pink "Pretty Lady Rose Tree" and we are very anxious to see it grow.  Placed in front of the tree is a memory stone to help all remember Annika.  

Thank  you to our Grade 5 staff who have truly allowed the memory of Annika to live on.