Career Day 2019

Hats off to our Career Day Chair Persons,                                          
Mrs. Capobianco, and Mrs. Cross!  

In celebration of our 2nd Annual Career Day, Mrs. Capobianco, one of our Grade 4 teachers, and Mrs. Cross, one of our ESL teachers, our chair persons for this event, invited several guests representing many different careers to share their passion for their career choice with our students.  We were honored to have such a variety of careers represented.  

Among some of our visitors were Senator Joe Addabbo who visited with our Grade 4 students and hopefully inspired some of them to go into politics.  You never know, we might have a future President of the United States sitting with us today!  

Our dear friend Firefighter Lois Mungay along with Firefighter Steve Adorno joined us!  Lois is one of our favorites!  One of our alumni returned to share his passion for the FDNY!  We welcomed back Ziyad Antabi!  

Celeste Murphy is a Respiratory Therapist at Jamaica Hospital and she hopes to have motivated some of our students to go into the medical field. 

James Quinn shared his passion for the arts! 

Nichole Nicolosi shared her passion for cosmetology! 

Nadine Ahmed is a mental health consultant! 

Anthony Cross with Criss Cross Entertainment shared with our students just how exciting the entertainment field can be. 

Christine Romano works in advertising and the students were anxious to learn just how much fun it is to be in advertising.

We know there were many students interested in Mark, who is now a Basketball Coach/Owner of Team Footprintz.  Previously, Mark was involved in education. 

Students in Mrs. Mullins class, 4-407,  shared with us what their career choices are at the moment!  We hope the still feel this way in a few years to come!   

As you can see, we had an amazing group of careers represented by all our guests.  We appreciate them taking the time out of their busy schedule to join us at this special event and look forward to doing it again next year!